Kanji Recognizer & Hanzi Recognizer 1.6 Released

The new versions up of Kanji Recognizer (1.6.3) and Hanzi Recognizer (1.6) are now available in the Android Market. The major feature of this release is search on stroke. While you had to draw the whole character, and then press the 'Recognizer' button in previous releases, now the list of candidates is updated automatically as you add or remove strokes. This gives you immediate feedback and is particularly valuable  when you are not sure of the number and order of strokes in a character. On the flipside, it requires some processing power, so on older devices it may not work smoothly. If recognition is slow on your device, you can switch to the previous list view mode in Settings.

That, of course, is not all. Here's a list of all the new features and changes:
  • Drawing pen size and color are no adjustable. You can select any color with the built-in color selector (added in 1.6.3 for Kanji Recognizer).
  • Shake to delete stroke/clear all. A simple shake will delete the last stroke or clear the drawing canvas (you can change the mode or disable in Settings).
  • Failed downloads are now properly resumed.
  • The Settings screen has been re-organized for easier access to frequently used options.
  • Killed some bugs that happen in the wild.
Here's a screenshot of the new drawing screen, featuring recognition candidates on top, updated as you draw. You can long-press to get a context menu, just as with a regular list view. As you can, see the drawing color has also been customized.


Jack said…
hey - the app is great! Would you consider adding the feature of refining the search by stroke number? I think your recognizer doesn't use this...
Unknown said…
Glad you like it. It does take the number of strokes into consideration, although the mapping is not one-to-one: drawing 10 strokes doesn't necessarily give you only 10 stroke kanji as candidates.

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