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Credential storage enhancements in Android 4.3

Our previous post  was not related to Android security, but happened to coincide with the  Android 4.3  announcement. Now that the post-release dust has settled, time to give it a proper welcome here as well. Being a minor update, there is nothing ground-breaking, but this ' revenge of the beans' brings some welcome enhancements and new APIs. Enough  of those are related to security for some to even call 4.3 a 'security release'. Of course, the big star is SELinux , but credential storage, which has been a somewhat recurring topic on this blog, got a significant facelift too, so we'll look into it first. This post will focus mainly on the newly introduced features and interfaces, so you might want to review previous credential storage posts before continuing. What's new in 4.3 First and foremost, the system credential store, now officially named 'Android Key Store' has a public API for storing and using app-private keys. This was possible befor