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WWWJDIC for Android 2.2

After a long break, a new version of WWWJDIC for Android is available on the Android Market Google Play . The new release comes with a new UI and a fresh set of icons, support for more dictionaries and widget improvements. It also marks 2 years since the first public release (0.1). Once again , WWWJDIC makes use of the excellent ActionBarSherlock  library to make app features more accessible and easier to use. ActionBarSherlock 4.0, based on Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) source code, backports all features of the action bar found in Android 4.0 to Android 2.x and 3.x devices. Of those, the one most prominently used in WWWJDIC is the split action bar. Android's action bar can host multiple action buttons to let users easily access app features, but on handset screens the number of buttons is limited to 2 or at most 3, in order to leave some space for the activity icon and title. Actions that don't fit in the action bar are by default moved into the overflow menu. Since they ar