Hanzi Recognizer 1.5 Released

The newest version is available on the Android Market now. This is the first release to offer premium features. To unlock those, you can upgrade from within the application using Google Checkout. There is no need to download a separate 'pro' application.

The new premium features are:

  •  Search by reading and meaning: quickly lookup characters by reading or English meaning. Uses the Android native search framework.
  •  Favorites and history: characters and compounds you view are automatically saved to search history. You can mark any item as favorite to review later with a single tap on the star button.
  •  Compound search: lets you search for compounds containing the current character (starting or any position). You can view compound details and mark them as favorite. 
  •  Favorites export to CSV: all fields displayed on the hanzi or compound details screen are exported as CSV columns. 

Other changes in this version:

  •  Added option do disable custom font (in Settings)
  •  Integrated automatic error reporting (using ACRA)
  •  Display correct pinyin for characters with multiple meanings
  •  Various bug fixes


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