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Building a wireless Android device using BeagleBone Black

Our previousposts were about code signing in Android, and they turned out to be surprisingly relevant with the announcement of the 'master key' code signing Android vulnerability. While details are yet to be formally released, it has been already patched and dissected, so we'll skip that one and try something different for a change. This post is not directly related to Android security, but will discuss some Android implementation details, so it might be of some interest to our regular readers. Without further ado, let's get closer to the metal than usual and build a wireless Android device (almost) from scratch.
Board introduction -- BeagleBone BlackFor our device we'll use the recently released BeagleBone Black board. So what is a BeagleBone Black (let's call it BBB from now on), then? It's the latest addition to the ranks of ARM-based, single board credit-card-sized computers. It comes with an AM335x 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 CPU, 512MB RAM,  2GB on-board eMMC f…