Gift Coupons for Kanji/Hanzi Recognizer

Ever wanted to give and Android app as a gift? Unfortunately, this is not supported by the Android Market, so unless you are willing to share your Google Wallet account, you currently can't do this for most apps. Kanji Recognizer and Hanzi Recognizer are however special: it is now possible to buy an upgrade coupon code and give it as a gift.

As of version 2.1, both apps support upgrading via coupon codes, as well as directly through the Android Market. If you just want to upgrade on your own device, the fastest way is to open Settings, and hit 'Upgrade to premium' (as before). After you authorize the payment using the Android Market dialog, all premium features will be enabled within seconds. To get a gift coupon code on the other hand, visit this page, select an app and login with your Google account. Then just enter your email address and press the 'Buy' button. Since payments are handled through Google Wallet, just as on Android, no registration or entering of payment details is required.  Simply review the purchase details on the Google Wallet dialog, and press 'Finish'. The coupon code and upgrade instructions will be sent to your email address immediately. You can then give the coupon code as a gift to anyone -- it is not tied to your account.

To upgrade using the coupon code, open the app's Settings and tap 'Redeem license' to display the license screen. Enter a valid email address and the coupon code, then tap 'Redeem license' to retrieve the license. The coupon code will be validated, and premium features will be enabled automatically upon success. Validation needs an Internet connection, so make sure you are not offline when redeeming a license.

The license will be associated with the entered email address, and a recovery PIN will be sent to it. If you wiped (a.k.a 'factory reset') your device or have a new one, you can recover the license using this PIN. Just select 'Recover license' in the license screen (see screenshot), and enter your email address, the coupon code and the PIN. Premium features will be enabled once the coupon code an PIN are verified.

Try it out, and send some gifts!


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