WWWJDIC for Android v1.8.4 Released

A new version is now available in the Android Market, as well as the Amazon Appstore.

This update doesn't add new features, but includes a critical change: support for the new WWWJDIC Japan mirror. The current one will be closing tomorrow (6/30), so if you are in Japan, or using the Japanese mirror site, update now.

Another change in this release is improved display of kanji grade/type in the details view. Previous versions displayed the raw KANJIDIC grade number (1-10), the new one properly classifies the kanji, displaying 'Elementary 1-6' for kanji studied in Japanese elementary school, 'Secondary' for kanji studied in the chuu-gakko (junior high school), and 'Jinmenyou' for additional kanji used in Japanese names.

Other notable changes are listed below. Head over to the project's website for even more details.
  • stability improvements
  • better error reporting
  • various bug fixes
Coming up soon: new Kanji Recognizer version with exciting new features. Stay tuned!


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